Your Sneak Peek Into Google's Pixel 8 Pro - The Pocket-sized Powerhouse Tailor-made for India's Tech-savvy Millennials

Here’s a rhetorical question - ever felt like your smartphone was just too... dumb? The good folks at Google must have heard your secret plea, because they're set to roll out the red carpet for the star of their show - the Pixel 8 Pro. Packed with an array of features, this beast is about to redefine your smartphone experience. So sit back, fasten your seatbelts, and prepare to be amazed with 101 INTERNET INDIA, your own digital sherpa in the complex terrain of telecommunications!

Google's Pixel 8 Pro

Here is a brief of what to expect from the newest and the most powerful member of the Google Pixel Family:


Google Pixel 8

Google Pixel 8 Pro


6.16" screen with a resolution of 2268x1080p

Flat 6.7" screen with a resolution of 2822x1344p


Google Tensor G3, rumoured to be based on the unannounced Samsung Exynos 2300 processor, based on Samsung's 3nm node

Google Tensor G3, rumoured to be based on the unannounced Samsung Exynos 2300 processor, based on Samsung's 3nm node


Similar to the Pixel 7, with a polished metal frame and a dual camera setup in a visor-style camera array

Similar to the Pixel 7 Pro, with more rounded corners and a new camera bar where the camera lenses are more spread out across the device

Fingerprint Sensor

Expected to sport an ultrasonic under-display fingerprint sensor

Expected to sport an ultrasonic under-display fingerprint sensor


Likely to be one of the first phones to ship with Android 14

Likely to be one of the first phones to ship with Android 14


Expected to have a complete camera overhaul with improved Night Sight and Super Res Zoom capabilities, and a new Video Unblur tool

Expected to have a complete camera overhaul with improved Night Sight and Super Res Zoom capabilities, and a new Video Unblur tool

Additional Feature


Expected to come with a built-in contactless thermometer that can monitor your skin's temperature or measure the heat of other objects

 Google Pixel 8 Pro vs  Google Pixel 8


To kick things off, let's talk about health. I know, your mom already does that enough, but this is different, I promise. The Pixel 8 Pro has a built-in contactless thermometer. That's right, this caring little genius can monitor your skin's temperature, measure the heat of your hot samosas, or even gauge if your crush is running a little hot under the collar. And all that data gets snugly integrated with Google's health and wellness apps. Talk about a healthy friendship!

Design and display-wise, Pixel 8 Pro takes its predecessor, does a neat little somersault, and lands with a few cool new modifications. Imagine that universally appreciated friend, who, at any gathering, is both vibrant yet considerate, cautious not to upset the balance. The camera lenses are more deliberately dispersed across the device, an evolution aimed at amplifying performance and minimising unfortunate accidents. Complementing this, the softened edges and a neatly flat display makes handling the phone a breeze that's easier to handle than your annoying cousin at family gatherings.

Now, let's talk about brain power. Pixel 8 Pro boasts of Google Tensor G3, Google's third-gen custom chipset based on Samsung's 3nm node. This brainiac, the Albert Einstein of the smartphone world, enhances everything from battery life to app performance. So whether you're breezing through PUBG or juggling 20 apps at once, Pixel 8 Pro won't break a sweat.

The camera overhaul is something to behold too. Ever tried clicking a picture in dim light and ended up with a picture resembling a scene from a horror movie? The improved Night Sight and staggered HDR got your back. Oh, and for those pesky shaky videos, the Video Unblur tool will do the trick.

At last Ladies and Gentlemen, we have the Android 14 onboard! Being the first to run this latest version of Google's OS, Pixel 8 Pro is the cool kid in the town. Let's see what new tricks this OS prodigy brings to the table. One of the most exciting additions is the ultrasonic under-display fingerprint sensor, a feature so fast and reliable, you'd think it's a contestant on a Masterchef India racing against the clock. Goodbye to the awkward thumb dance of the previous models!

And while we're talking about the marvels of the Pixel 8 Pro, we simply can't skip over the game-changing magic of eSIM. Remember the good old days of fumbling around with tiny SIM cards, desperately trying not to lose them or, even worse, accidentally snapping them? Oh, the mini heart attacks!

Well, the Pixel 8 Pro doesn't just take that drama and toss it out the window, it rockets it into another galaxy. With the power of eSIM, switching carriers is as simple as flipping through your favourite streaming service, trying to find something you haven't already binged.

Now, if you're an Airtel, Jio, or Vi user (and let's face it, who isn't?), you're in for a treat. These three Indian telecommunication titans have embraced the eSIM revolution, making it even easier to hop between services. This is less of a tug-of-war, more of a breezy walk in the park.


Picture this - you're an Airtel user but find a tempting Jio offer. No problem! Just a few taps on your screen and bam, you're on the Jio train. But wait, Vi has an irresistible data pack deal? Fear not, because with another simple swipe, you can effortlessly float over to Vi. It's a telecom smorgasbord, and you're invited.

Vodafone Idea (VI)

With the eSIM magic of Pixel 8 Pro and the support of India's leading providers, you're not just a passenger on the connectivity express, you're the driver. So sit back, tap away, and get ready for a seamless, drama-free journey. Buckle up, my friends, because it's time to go eSIM! Check out our amazing article on the possibilities of eSIM in the race for Digital India.

The future of AI and Metaverse advancements in Pixel 8 Pro is as exciting as gorging on a plate full of biryani. Mainstream AI, Machine Learning, Generative AI – these are not just buzzwords. They are the key to a future where smartphones aren't just devices but companions understanding and adapting to our whims and fancies. From AI generating music for your impromptu jam session, to machine learning perfecting your selfie game, or even mixed reality transforming your smartphone into a gateway to a whole new world - the possibilities are endless. The metaverse isn't a distant dream anymore; it's right there in your pocket.

The world of smartphones is completely coming to a completely new era of digitalisation. Well not just smartphones but also consumer electronics. With technologies like 5G, IoT, eSIM, AI, ML and so many more ground breaking technologies are completely reshaping the way we interact with our devices. One just can’t stop and wonder what the next step in digital transformation will have in store for us. Perhaps, an integration of humans and machines is imminent. Perhaps not. Only time will tell. Meaning let's take a look at how far smartphone technology has come. 


Smartphones Before 2022

Future Generation Smartphones

AI Integration

Limited AI applications primarily used for voice assistants, predictive text, and some camera settings.

Advanced AI capabilities expected, including more personalised recommendations, smarter voice assistants, and more intuitive user interfaces. AI could also enhance camera settings, health tracking, and other features.

SIM Technology

Physical SIM cards required users to physically insert and remove SIM cards when switching carriers or plans. Check out our price list of mobile recharge plans.

eSIM technology is expected to be widely adopted, allowing users to switch carriers or plans without needing a physical SIM card. Visit our link for eSIM plans.

AR/VR Capabilities

Some AR and VR features are available, but relatively basic and not widely used.

With advancements in AR and VR technology, more immersive experiences are expected. This could be used for entertainment, education, or remote collaboration.


4G connectivity offered fast internet speeds but was not capable of supporting some more data-intensive applications.

5G connectivity is expected to be standard, offering faster internet speeds and more stable connections. This could enable more data-intensive applications. In the longer term, we might even see the rollout of 6G connectivity. Check out our article on 5G in India

Metaverse Integration

Metaverse was a nascent concept with limited integration in smartphones.

As the metaverse develops, new ways to interact with this virtual world could be integrated into smartphones. This could include AR interfaces, VR experiences, and new social media platforms.

Health Monitoring

Basic health monitoring features available in some smartphones, such as step tracking.

More advanced health monitoring features expected, such as the ability to measure body temperature, heart rate, or even blood sugar levels.


Sustainability was a secondary concern in smartphone design.

As sustainability becomes a more important concern, future smartphones could be designed with this in mind. This could include using more sustainable materials, offering better battery life, or making phones more durable and repairable.

However, the Pixel 8 Pro, like the latest Bollywood blockbuster, is keeping its release date and pricing details shrouded in suspense. All we know is that it’s scheduled for a grand premiere around October. So keep your eyes peeled, and get ready to be a part of this new tech revolution. And remember, your new smart buddy is just a (not so) long wait away! 😉

So, as you eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Pixel 8 Pro, why not make your digital life even more effortless with 101 INTERNET? Remember, in this digital age, being well-informed is not just power, it's the superpower. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary tech revolution with Google's Pixel 8 Pro and 101 INTERNET by your side guiding the way. So what are you waiting for? Fasten your seatbelts, folks! It's time to soar into the digital stratosphere.

(Note: Don't worry, no smartphones were harmed in the making of this article.)

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