101 INTERNET is a free resource that makes the process of choosing and purchasing broadband, mobile and TV services easy and quick.


With 101 INTERNET you will not have to:

Search for information written at the poles and posters to find out which provider is available in your home
 Go to the neighbors and ask what Internet connection they use
 Go to every website of every provider to compare the price and conditions of plans 
 Look for reviews about the quality of all providers in google

We have collected all the plans of all providers on 101 INTERNET, so that people in India could choose the best plan for them according to the price, internet speed or customer reviews.

Our story

In 2008 101 INTERNET was founded in Russia by Alex Levochkin and until now it is helping all people in the Russian Federation to choose broadband and mobile plans, VPN and other telecommunication services - 101internet.ru

After a success story in Russia, we decided to move our company abroad and started business in Indonesia in 2021 - 101internet.id 

And now we came to India.

Our purpose

We want everyone in India to have access to the Internet. The Internet opens up great opportunities to every person no matter where they live - in a big city or a small village - opportunity to study, work or get medical help online. And the possibilities are endless. 

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