The Best Mobile Network in India

There are quite a few telecom companies in India catering to the needs of the massive Indian population. However, the majority of market share is captured by 4 main players in this market. We have compiled the details of the best mobile network in India. 

We have narrowed down our analysis to 4 of the best networks in India for 4G, which are Airtel, Jio, vi and BSNL. These are the 4 main operators in India which are offering amazing services across India. We have taken into consideration several aspects of day to day usage like availability, coverage, 4G experience, Video and Gaming experience and the internet speed.  Let's take a look at which sim is the best in India? Why should you choose it?

Which SIM is the best for Gaming and Streaming?

Across India, the majority of smartphone users are preferring Airtel over its competition for the gaming, especially PUBG players and streaming experience on video streaming and OTT apps that comes with it. If your core data consumption revolves around gaming and streaming, Airtel should be your clear choice. However the competitors are lagging too far off with Jio and vi following Airtel in this area. 

Which SIM has the fastest 4G speed?

Across India, on an average the download speed that most of the operators provide is roughly around 12 Mbps. And vi network speed for downloads is the fastest among all. Not only the download speed vi also is the fastest in upload speed. So, if speed is something that concerns you the most, vi is the fastest 4g network in India. With Airtel and Jio not too far behind on the 4G speed front.

Which SIM has the best 4G network across India?

If being connected to a 4G network across India is your priority and biggest concern, then Jio is the correct choice for you. Jio has the best 4G availability and coverage across India, and you can rest assured that you will find 4G network in your locality. With Airtel being the 2nd best in this area.

Which SIM is the most consistent quality overall?

If you are one of those people who are looking for the most consistent, Jio is the best at it as it provides the best overall experience when it comes to group calls, HD calling etc. With Airtel coming at 2nd. Jio is currently leading the charge among the indian telecom companies and thanks to its vast network coverage, it has the largest user base of the of the country.



Plus points


 Amazing network near you and in rural areas

 Availability of 2G network, for lower power consumption and older phones

 One of the best gaming and HD streaming experiences. 

 Towards the more expensive side 

 Customer care service is not up to the mark with a lot of complaints



Plus points


 The most vast and the best mobile network coverage amongst the competitors

 Manintains consistency of performance 

 On the cheaper side

 Unlimited calls on prepaid and postpaid

 Network coverage in some areas is not that great



Plus points


 Fastest 4g network in india

 High speed internet

 Vi (Vodafone+Idea) joining forces has made them a powerhouse with towers throughout India

 Lackluster mobile plans compared to competitors



Plus points


 Comparatively very cheap and affordable plans

 Roaming is free across India

 Network coverage is on the better side

 Amazing customer care service

 Lackluster and outdated plans 

 Internet speed is patchy and rather slow



So Which network is the best and what you should buy?  

When it comes to Indian mobile service providers there are many big names that pop in mind like Airtel, Jio, vi and BSNL and which sim is best for me. Among these telecom companies the best sim in India for you is based on the preference and usage that you have and want to use. When it comes to best overall experience Airtel is leading the way followed by Jio and Airtel. When it comes to the fastest 4G network and speed in India vi is leading the mark followed by airtel and jio. And when it comes to availability, coverage and consistency across India Jio will be the best bet for you. Let’s take a brief look at the goods and the bads of each providers. Good luck and choose wisely.

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